CoCa Cola beach – a peaceful spot

Coca-cola beach pin

After a quiet Christmas Eve, we went on a little road trip with the mission to find a great peaceful beach. We went on the scooter from Ban Phe towards Laem Mae Phim, about 3.5 km before Laem Mae Phim we went down a dirt road and passed the sign to CoCa Cola beach.

Coca-Cola beach

We became curious and decided to explore the place. Just like in Ban Phe, the majority of visitors were Scandinavians. People were swimming, drinking beer, sunbathing, playing water tennis and just having a great time. In one way, CoCa Cola beach reminds me off Chakkpong beach where I have spent most of my time during this stay, but at the same time, there was a tranquility at CoCa Cola beach that I loved. The thing I enjoyed the most was that you could choose to hang out among everyone else on a sun bed or just take a short walk to a secluded spot and be completely by yourself under a palm tree. There were some nice bungalows, wooden swings, and hammocks around. It all made it so peaceful, a place to just relax and enjoy life.

After having spent almost 6 hours at CoCa Cola, I can state the following:

  • You must try a Mango shake, so delicious!
  • It´s a good sunbathing spot all day
  • Choose to be in the center or find a peaceful spot
  • Two good restaurants
  • Good service
  • Free wifi
  • Fresh toilets
  • Most Scandinavian people
  • You can swing, lie in a hammocks or play table tennis

Coca-Cola beach

swing and ping-pong table at CoCa-Cola beach

CoCa-Cola beach

The question you surely have thought of since you read the title; why is it called CoCa Cola beach? Well, I have not been able to find out so I guess I have to make another trip there and maybe also have another delicious Mango shake 🙂

If you want to stay at Coca cola beach, you can have a look at this place Baanboonpetchresort and their website.

What is most important to you when choosing a beach?

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3 thoughts on “CoCa Cola beach – a peaceful spot

  1. Mike

    Hi, my name’s Mkie.(son of owner) I’m work at Baanboonpetch Resort & Coca Cola beach. Thank you very much for your review and we ready to serve you mango shake ??

    1. travelnreviews Post author

      Hi, no problems, I just love the place! I will be back and visit Ban Phe in about 2 weeks and will definitely visit Coca-cola beach to get a mango shake 🙂 See ya! /Susan

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