Koh Samet – a one-day trip to paradise

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Koh Samet

A few days before the New Year, I traveled to the port of Ban Phe to take the ferry to Koh Samet island. I usually make a day trip to the island when I’m in Ban Phe. I’ve been to Koh Samet twice before and I really enjoy the island. I get easily sick on the sea but when you are greeted by the white sandy beaches and clear waters, it is so worth the trip over from the mainland.

port of Ban Phe

Port of Ban Phe

Koh Samet boat

This time, I took the ferry to Ao Vong Duan which is a half moon shaped beach with beautiful white sandy beach and clear water. The beach is fringed by small bungalows and resorts offering good quality rooms and a great variety of bars. The island is quite small and it’s easy to get around on scooters, or by taxi.

From Ao Vong Duan I took a taxi to Hat Sai Kaew Beach which is the largest and most popular beach and one of the most beautiful. The beach is 1 km long and you can swim and sunbath but it also offers tons of activities such as jet ski, windsurfing, riding on a banana boat and party at night.

Crystal beach Koh Samet

Since I have been hanging around the beaches in Ban Phe where there is lots of space to move around and go for a walk, it felt crowded on Koh Samet. It was hard to find a spot to lay down and I felt like there were people everywhere. This is also one of the reasons that I’d rather take a one-day trip to the island than staying for a week.

Most people who travel to Koh Samet want to relax and enjoy the tropical environment and the wonderful beaches. Those of you who’ve never been to Koh Samet really should go there, even if it’s just for a day. The journey from Bangkok takes about 3 hours to the port of Ban Phe and then about 45 minutes ferry ride to the island.

My 3 tips:

  • Avoid weekends – too crowded
  • Pre-book hotel if you are staying on the island
  • Visit the café PUMP at Hat Sai Kaew Beach for an ice-coffee, mango shake or another delicious drink.
Images from the one-day trip to Koh Samet island

Ban Phe view from the boat

The view from the ferry leaving the port of Ban Phe

beach boat to Koh Samet island

Jumping off the ferry to get on this mini boat getting us to the island of Koh Samet.

Beach Koh Samet

Hat Sai Kaew Beach – a bit crowded for my taste.

beach 2 Koh Samet

White sandy beaches and clear water.


I enjoyed a frosty watermelon ice-cream…super yummy!

sunset view from sea

Sunset view from the ferry back home to Ban Phe

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4 thoughts on “Koh Samet – a one-day trip to paradise

  1. Paulie

    Hello! I arrived to your blog because I was looking for info for a day-trip from Bangkok to Koh Samet and I have some questions

    – Is it worth-it for a day-trip? I am staying in Bangkok
    – For arriving to Hat Sai Kaew Beach do I need to take the ferry from Ban Phe to Na Dan pier?

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. travelnreviews Post author

      Hello Paulie!
      You can easily take a boat from the pier in Ban Phe to the main pier of the island. From there you can either walk (what I do) or take a short trip on a island taxi to Hat Sai Kaew Beach. Depending on your budget you can take a speed boat or wait on the regular and cheaper boat.
      Depending on your focus for the trip to the island, I would recommend a night on the island if you want to explore a bit, but if you only want to see Hat Sai Kaew Beach one day is enough. It takes about 2,5-3h with car from Bangkok to Ban Phe city, depending on traffic. If you only make it a one day trip, be prepared for time in a car/bus 🙂


  2. Keeley Watts

    Thanks so much for this post, I am looking at staying on Ko Samet for Christmas and wondered if the ferry goes directly into a pier or whether you need to jump off the ferry in the water to a smaller boat?

    1. travelnreviews Post author

      Hey Keeley, some ferries goes straight to the pier so you just jump off the boat onto the pier. You can also take a ferry to some beaches on the island where you jump into smaller boats from the big ferry. Just ask the information desk at the pier in Ban Phe and they will help you out. Have fun!

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