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I love to challenge my body and test different forms of exercise. In recent years, I have at least once a year visit Kombat Group, a Muay Thai camp in Pattaya, Thailand. I have received a lot of questions about the camp, what a typical day looks like, etc. so I thought I would give you a review about my experience at the camp and why I return year after year.

Kombat group

Kombat Group is a training facility that offers a variety of training for professionals as well as beginners. The camp is located a bit outside Pattaya city and the party life, so all the focus is on the training. The camp is owned by Italians, which is evident, there is a family feeling among everyone at the camp. Kombat Group offers weight loss programs, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, MMA, BJJ, western boxing. You can also train to be an instructor or train before an upcoming fight.

The gym

The gym is open pretty much 24/7 and cleaned after each session. It has three rings, one cage, many bags, free weights, cardio machines, kettlebells, TRX, jump ropes and medicine balls, etc. All the tools are there; The equipment and trainers, you only need to show up and do the work!

gym at Kombat group

muay thai

The weight loss program

I tried the weight loss program during my four weeks of camp. I chose this mainly because the program offered a variety of classes. I got the opportunity to test: Bootcamp – Functional Training, Muay Thai, MMA Tactical fit, Krav Maga and Yoga inspired classes.

A normal day:
7:45 Lemon juice – vitamins
8:00 Functional Training
8:45 Protein shake
9:00 Muay Thai Session 1
10:45 Breakfast
13-15 Lunch
15:30 Tactic fit / MMA
16:15 Protein shake
16:30 Run 15 minutes
16:45 Muay Thai Session 2
19:00 Dinner

One common goal

One thing I appreciated among all who attended the weight loss program was that we trained together. We all had one common goal, to lose weight and/or get stronger. Everyone was very encouraging and nobody felt stared at, or uncomfortable. Everyone did the work at their own pace and made progress every day.

The running path outside of camp

Run Kombat group

Training – it’s hard work!

It´s not a holiday you go on when you visit the Kombat Group. But if you show up, do your best and follow the program, you will create awesome results. You will have different trainers in each session which gives variety and you will not get tired of hearing one voice. The main language is English but somehow my Muay Thai trainer forced me to learn some Thai 🙂

Pics from a functional training session and MMA tactic class

functional training

functional training at Kombat


mma tactic

The trainers

The Thai trainers were really good, specialized in different areas and almost always had a smile on their faces. They want your best, pushes you to your limit and make sure to create exercises to fit you level of training.

The beginners workout besides the professionals and it´s very inspiring. You learn a lot from just watching how they perform and train. Everyone is very helpful and takes into account your level of training. One of the things I appreciated the most was the efficiency of the training, there was always a coach who had an eye on me and showed the next exercise on the agenda. If I did something wrong the trainers were there and showed how I could improve.

Our trainers (functional training) Sylvia and Barbara enjoyed themselves during the evening classes of Western boxing 🙂

trainers Kombat

Joel, Western boxing trainer


Some of the trainers…they look scary but are super friendly 🙂


The food

All the meals were served in the kitchen by the chefs. I can describe the food in one word: AMAZING! The food was super fresh and had a good variety. You are on a meal plan, and the chefs know what to serve you each day. We got chicken, meat, fish, salad, vegetables and fruit. The weight loss food does not contain much carbohydrate but enough to cope with the training. If you are not used to eating salad and vegetables you should probably get used to it before you visit the camp 🙂



The room

There are different rooms to choose from but I chose to stay in a single room with AC. The room had a bed, wardrobe, shower, and toilet. Outside each room, there was a seat where we hung out in the evenings and talked.

Every week your room gets cleaned, you can also get your sweaty clothes washed for a small fee.

My room with ac

room kombat group

The view from my room
Kombat group view from room

This is Simba, he is so sweet and one out of two camp dogs. 

The camp site

The camp has a great pool to enjoy while resting between training sessions. There are some common areas where people hang out. After dinner most people just crash into their rooms, resting and using the wifi 🙂

pool kombat

How Long Should You stay?

After visiting the camp three times during the past years I recommend you to stay at least 3 weeks. The reason is that it takes almost one week for the body to adjust to the heat, and training schedule. Then you’ll have two more weeks to progress and push yourself harder. If you have the opportunity to stay longer do it, you learn so much about yourself, your limits and learn more things that will help you at home after your stay.


I highly recommend the Kombat group! If you want to experience something challenging, train hard and get memories for life, Kombat Group is the perfect place. You will meet wonderful people from all over the world, train with professional trainers, eat amazing food and enjoy the weather. Each day you will become stronger and stronger!

kombat group mma tactic class

For more information, visit Kombat group´s website
If you have any questions you think I can answer, please leave a comment.


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16 July 2016
Kombat Group
Kombat Group in Pattaya
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10 thoughts on “Kombat group Pattaya review

  1. Anna

    Hi! Thank you for the detailed review of the camp. I’m actually considering doing there in January, so your review was very helpful. Did you try other programs apart from the weight loss programme? I’m thinking of doing the “Muay Thai or Western Boxing
    + Krav Maga or BJJ” for 3-4 weeks.

    1. travelnreviews/Susan Post author

      Hi Anna, You will love camp, it´s hard work but so much fun 🙂
      All the classes you are thinking about are good. I have done all of them except bjj. My suggestion is that you decide to take either muay thai or Western boxing and switch after one-two weeks depending on how long you stay. The classes are at the same time and I think it´s good to concentrate on one class at the time to learn the techniques and get some flow. Just ask them when you book your trip. Have fun!

      1. Anna

        Hi Susan! Switching classes after a week or so it a great suggestion. Thank you.
        How about accommodation. Is it worth it to pay extra for a deluxe room? Its just my first time in Thailand.

        1. travelnreviews/Susan Post author

          Hi Anna, The rooms are simple but you don´t need anythings else than your bed, shower and wardrobe. You will not spend that much time inside. I have only lived in a single room with AC and it has been really good. My only suggestion is to have a room with air condition (AC), makes life a little bit better in the heat 🙂

          1. Anna

            Hi Suzana! Thank you for your reply. Yes, the AC is a must in hot weather.
            I looked at the training schedules and it seems that on Sunday there is no training. What did you do on Sundays?

          2. travelnreviews Post author

            Hi, Some Sundays I spent at camp, just hanging out by the pool and took a walk to get some food. But most Sundays we went to Pattaya city, to Central festival (shopping mall), went to the movies, did some shopping and had some massage. Sometimes we went the whole camp to an island to enjoy the day. Since you spend most of your time at camp, you really want to leave for a day to charge the batteries and see something else.

  2. Heidi Jensen

    Thank you for the review – I want to go to kombat group i. 2017!
    But I have one concern.. Have many visitors are at camp? At all the pictures on the site, your site and Instagram – there are very few people.

    1. travelnreviews Post author

      Hi Heidi, To answer your question, it all depend. I have been to camp a couple of times now the past years and it has never been the same amount of people, it differs a lot depending on time of year I would say. One time we were about 20 people and the next time we were about 7. Then you have to take to consideration that there is different training programs, everyone is not training every session. Some people show up at the evening classes and live permenant in Thailand and have the camp as their gym. I like the fact that the camp is now super crowded as the other camps I have heard of. You get a lot of attention and help when you work out and it becomes more like a family wibe to it. I have always gone to camp just to train and focus on myself and who ever I meet there is just a bonus. If you want a quality camp with really good training this is the place. You could email them and maybe ask if they already know weeks with more people visiting. Good luck! /Susan

    2. Wayne Woodend

      Hi I am an ex camp member and should still be on there website, Wayne from uk.
      I stayed a month in August 2016, camp is always busy, come and go and enough instructors and equipment to handle any amount.
      Highly recommend and very friendly camp

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