Pattaya – worth a visit?

Only 1,5 hours from Bangkok you can visit the city of Pattaya. The city is best known as the paradise for Western men who enjoy the company of Thai women.

After being in Pattaya, I can honestly say that I don´t like the place and would not recommend anyone to go there. The reasons are:

  • I hate to see all the prostitution
  • dirty beaches/ocean
  • I don´t think Pattaya is representing the “paradise” of Thailand with beautiful beaches etc. not a place to go if you travel to Thailand for the first time.

Is it all bad?
Well no, of course not, Pattaya has a few places I would recommend if you decide to visit:

  • Koh Larn – a beautiful island just outside of Pattaya. The beach is amazing and you can  stay on the island or just make a one-day trip. There are speed boats or ferries going from the port of Pattaya.
  • Central festival – a shopping mall with many good international stores. There is a huge movie theater inside and many restaurants. Perfect for a shopping spree!
  • Mike´s – If you don´t want to go to Bangkok to purchase t-shirts, bags etc. with fake brands you can visit Mike´s. It´s a pretty small mall but you can really make a bargain.
  • Walking street – well, if you are in Pattaya I guess you can visit the famous Walking street by night just to get a glimpse of what´s going on in Pattaya´s nightlife.
  • Muay Thai arena – Along Sukhumvit (main road) you will see the big Muay Thai arena. If you have never seen a real Muay Thai fight you should go, a fun experience!
  • Kombat group (Muay Thai camp) – For the athlete, I can truly recommend spending at least a week at Kombat group, a full on Muay Thai camp for everyone, both professionals and beginners. I will write a separate post about my experience at Kombat group.


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