Rayong Aquarium – best place to get kids excited

After spending a lot of time exploring the beaches in Ban Phe, it was time to take a field trip. I took my new BFF (aka my pink scooter) for a ride around Ban Phe. I followed some signs and about 4 km from Ban Phe pier, I found Rayong Aquarium.

Entry Rayong Aquarium

I did not know what to expect more than fish and other water creatures I probably have not seen before. After paying 30 baht as an adult (some children get in free), I stepped into the aquarium. Unlike the goldfish I have seen in our zoo-shops at home, there were fish in all colors. It is a large aquarium with a tunnel that allows visitors to see various beautiful creatures such as cuttlefish, crab, giant clam, and horseshoe crab. There is also an outdoor aquarium that houses various marine life. There is a turtle pond and a fish pond. My eyes and my camera lens was fascinated by these water creatures. Get ready for a color explosion!

Some pics from Rayong Aquarium

Yellow fish Rayong Aquarium

Cool fish Rayong Aquarium

turtle at Rayong aquarium

tunnel at Rayong aquarium

Yellow zebra fish Rayong aquarium

red mushroom at Rayong aquarium

polka fish at Rayong aquarium

white fish Rayong aquarium

After having spent up to one hour inside the Aquarium, I can conclude that both adults and children appreciate these colorful creatures. Seeing a parent´s big smile watching their kids explore the colors and name of the fish, pointing and laughing just confirms my opinion; Rayong Aquarium is the best place in Ban Phe to get your kids excited (and the parents :))

My suggestions to families going to Rayong Aquarium:

  • Don´t travel for hours to see it but if you are in the area, definitely make a visit
  • Don´t expect this to be a field trip for the whole day, you are done in 1-2 hours
  • If you have teenagers, keep in mind that the only thing you do in the aquarium is to walk around looking at water creatures. Give them a camera to manage and you will have them focusing on other things than leaving 🙂
  • If you have a Thai friend who translates into English, bring them along
  • It´s a cheap entry fee!
  • Make your visit later during the day when the school classes are not around
  • If you don´t have transportation leaving, make sure to plan that in advance

The only improvement I wish they would make is to translate every sign about the creatures into English. Now it´s only the names also in English.

Off to a new Ban Phe adventure!

the best place in ban the to make your kids excited-rayong aquarium

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