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I have not stayed as a sleeping guest at Rayong Marriott Resort and Spa, but I have spent my days using the facilities so I thought I would write a review about my experiences and hopefully inspire future potential guests.

Marriott resort pool with fish tank

I like to work out during my vacations. If I am in colder climates all I need is my running shoes, but in warmer climates I prefer a fitness center. I did some research when arriving in Ban Phe and decided to purchase a weekly membership at Rayong Marriott Resort and Spa’s fitness center. Not only is it a very nice fitness center with almost everything you need, they have air conditioning, towels, free water bottles and fruit. As a bonus, I may use the hotel´s other facilities as well. In other words, I have been working out and then utilized the hotel´s pools and beach and felt like a queen.

Rayong Marriott Resort and Spa

Rayong Marriott Resort and Spa is located on the edge of Chakkapong beach and is one of the most luxurious hotels in the area. The guests are a nice mix of nationalities, and not all of them want to sunbathe between 11am-14pm. Some guests leave their rooms to enjoy the pool area in the afternoon when many other guests choose to go back to their rooms, done sunbathing. Because of this, you don´t have to become a “European charter tourist” and throw your towel on a sunbed early in the morning to get your spot. Luckily there are already fresh towels laid out on the sunbeds and it is rarely completely full, which is good.

The hotel has a spa, nice fitness center, putting green, soccer pitch, several large pools, kids club, children’s pool and a variety of bars and restaurants. There are also opportunities for a conference, wedding or party events. Every day you can participate in different activities; tour cycling, canoeing, beach volleyball, Muaythai, yoga or why not become a child again and try the water slide.

Marriott infinity pool

Rayong Marriott Resort´s coolest pool

One of the swimming pools is an infinity pool, which means it´s a swimming pool where the water flows over at least one edge, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary. Not only that, the other end of the pool is a fish tank with mini sharks and other fishes. Looking through the fish tank, you can see people’s legs and body below the surface, pretty cool!

Marriott fish tank by the pool

That said, I have never stayed as a sleeping guest at the hotel as I mentioned earlier, but given the facilities standard I find it hard to believe that the rooms and the food would drag down the rating. I really love this place!

4 reasons why Rayong Marriott resort and spa

This is not a collaboration with Rayong Marriott Resort and Spa, I just wanted to write a review because I had a pleasant time there. For more information about the hotel, click here

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  1. Jessica Wiberg

    I just love this place! We rent a apartment at Phuphatara 2014 and have axess to Mariotts pool area and facciletets. 2018 we went back but we wasn’t have our vaccation there. This are a wonderful place to be at!

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