Who travel to Ban Phe, Thailand?

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After a busy year, I finally had the opportunity to travel to Thailand. The past 12 days I have spent in the fishing village of Ban Phe, on the east coast of Thailand.

Who travel to Ban Phe? Well, Ban Phe is known to be Thai people´s own vacation destinations when traveling domestic. Many Thai people travel from Bangkok mostly on weekends to get away from the urban noise and stress, to visit the sea and spend time with family and friends.

Ban Phe has still not got caught up in the tourism with pushy salesmen on the beaches and increased prices. It is still very genuine if you compare it to cities like Phuket, Pattaya or Krabi. I guess the time will come when the tourism is taking over but until then, I´m going to enjoy the genuine side of Thailand and Ban Phe. If you like calm and peaceful vacations without any hassle, then I would recommend you to rent a house/apartment or hotel near the Chakkapong beach.

Travel with ferries to Koh Samet

Is it only Thai people in Ban Phe? No, those who have found this wonderful place is mainly Scandinavian people, some have bought themselves a “winter house” here. I can´t blame them considering the dark months during the winter in Scandinavia. If you go to the port of Ban Phe, you will find mixed nationalities arriving every day on their way to/from Koh Samet. It is from Ban Phe port all ferries to the island depart several times a day. More on the island of Koh Samet later on.

The past few nights I have experienced some absolutely magical sunsets, a dream for an amateur photographer like me. Or what do you say?

Sunset of Ban Phe

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