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colorful market

Last night I visit the Tuesday market in Klaeng with some friends. It took us about 40 minutes to get there from Ban Phe and we stayed for 2,5 hours, which was enough time to go through the market without rushing it.

The market was a typical Thai market, it had a good mix. There was food, clothes, car parts, bicycles, makeup, dogs, play castle for children, kitchen stuff, shoes and watches. It had narrow sandy paths, lots of smells, people, and smiles. One of my favorite things about going to a market is meeting nice people, some more interesting than other.

Cool woman Klaeng market
Met this cool lady at the market

Colors of Klaeng market
A colorful place

After wandering around over an hour, I began to feel somewhat sick from all smells and the heat. You really have to zoom out and go into your own bubble to survive. There is high music coming at you from all directions, I just wanted the music to stop or, at least, be turned down. On the way home I totally enjoyed the tranquility despite sitting outside on the back of the car, in the middle of the highway with lots of traffic 🙂

My favorite part of the market

20 baht shop – I love these kinds of shops when everything cost 20 baht. Sure, it is a lot of unnecessary things for sale, but you can also bargain a lot.

The thing I wish I did not have to see

All the puppies sitting in cramped cages, I just wanted to take them home and let them free into the garden. They were so cute but it crushed my heart seeing them cramped into cages in the heat.


My advice when visiting the Tuesday market in Klaeng

  • If you find something you like, buy it immediately!
  • If you have difficulty seeing puppies crowded in a cage you should probably close your eyes in some places
  • Drink water – it’s hot, dusty and crowded
  • Go there with an open mind, you can really find bargains or go home empty handed
  • Show up latest 4.30 pm, you don´t want to miss any bargains
  • Sound Sensitive? Bring earplugs, the music is so loud
  • Wash your feet when you get home, it’s so dirty from all the dust

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    market food

    market food

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